Big companies and cryptocurrency market in 2021: 7 main cases

Big companies and cryptocurrency market in 2021: 7 main cases

The year 2021 and the Bitcoin value rise changes everything. Big companies are responding to the processes, and the wave becomes stronger. What events in the first 2 months of the new year are important for the future of cryptocurrency?

  1. Tesla bought bitcoin for $ 1.5 billion in January this year. The main car concert of our time has sent a notice to the SEC with plans to accept payment in BTC.
  2. CME opened access to futures on Ethereum on February 8 (1 contract = 50 ETH). Liquidity for these futures is provided by companies such as BlockFi, Galaxy, Genesis, CoinShares and the New York Digital Investment Group.
  3. Visa recently announced the release of its own API for cryptocurrencies. The project is promised to be launched at the end of 2021. This API will be able to integrate banks to perform financial transactions. First Boulevard will be the first user bank.
  4. The main competitor of Visa, Mastercard, is not far behind. In 2021, the company is launching support for several popular cryptocurrencies for a new international payment system. The focus is on stable cryptocurrencies, also called stablecoins.
  5. Another big name that plans to invest in crypto is Morgan Stanley Bank. More specifically, it will be done by a subsidiary of Counterpoint Global. The bank is now awaiting the deal approval, which is estimated at $ 150 billion.
  6. Transactions with cryptocurrency will become possible for clients of the world’s largest depository bank, Bank of New York Mellon. Soon the company will present its own crypto-oriented product. It will be a platform for financial transactions with digital currencies.
  7. Also it became known about the deal, which was initiated by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and rapper Jay-Z. They have invested 500 bitcoins (over $ 20 million) in a special fund that is looking for solutions to expand the use of bitcoin. They hope to make Bitcoin the main currency of the Internet, and they are looking for developers for the project.

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