Bitcoin is going to be the salvation from a grand crash according to Kiyosaki

Bestselling author of Rich Dad Poor Dad believes in the power of bitcoin and puts it on par with gold and silver as a reliable financial instrument in times of trouble.

Legendary guru Robert Kiyosaki made an unexpected statement the other day. He pointed to the risks of a massive market crash soon. The author of Rich Dad Poor Dad has recommended that those looking to protect themselves from problems buy gold, silver, and BTC. Moreover, we need to start preparing for difficult times now.

Kiyosaki predicts at the end of May 2021 a drop in the cost of bitcoin to $ 27 thousand for 1 BTC. He called this threshold the moment when he starts buying the popular cryptocurrency. Investment gurus often talk about the imminent collapse of the current global economy and associate this event with current measures to support the US economy. According to him, the huge bubble is getting bigger, but it cannot continue this way.

The mark below 29 thousand dollars per 1 bitcoin was passed on the decline on June 22, 2021. This is the first drop in Bitcoin below this level since the beginning of this year. Everything is connected with the problems of cryptocurrencies in China, where the largest banks in the country have announced a set of measures and penalties about the circulation of cryptocurrencies.

Earlier, in March 2021, Kiyosaki reacted negatively to new measures to support the US economy of $ 1.9 trillion. He believes that this approach will lead to lower incomes for the middle class and poor people.

In his words, people shouldn’t rejoice at this money. Although the government will provide “free” money to the population of the country, this will only cause more damage to the least protected people. Kiyosaki named the purchase of gold, silver, and bitcoin the key.

By the way, the world-renowned expert has already predicted Bitcoin’s rise to $ 50 thousand in December 2020. Then he linked the rise in the price of the most popular cryptocurrency with the influx of institutional investors into the digital asset market.

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