Bitcoin is our future that will retain its value forever

Bitcoin is our future

Many assets in the world are available for purchase. Are there those that are not able to depreciate? Experts argue that cryptocurrency is the only solution in this case.

Assets easily go to zero, depending on the market situation. Some are negative. This means that the owner pays extra to be taken. For example, a similar situation was with VTAI oil in April 2020. Oil was worth -40 dollars at the time. With cryptocurrencies, everything is different, except for the obviously scam projects. Example: DeFi-token Hotdog and its depreciation from $ 6200 to $ 0.015 in a few minutes.

It is important to look towards proven market players. The stronghold is Bitcoin. Its instant depreciation is possible only in case of system errors. These are some single cases. For example, in August 2019, a user was able to buy 48 bitcoins at a price of $ 0.3 instead of the market $ 10,100. Bitcoin is already actively considered as the currency of the future, and the issue of its risks of complete depreciation is acute. Let’s try to consider the opinions of experts on this matter.

“There won’t be enough money”

Andrey Podolyan, CEO of Cryprtorg.Exchange denies the risk of a complete zeroing of Bitcoin’s value. This is a decentralized system with no clear control, and a price collapse through external intervention is impossible. No amount of money will help.

Andrey reports that there is no single currency management center. Volatility is determined by a huge number of factors, and targeted intervention is not capable of producing noticeable changes in the value of such an asset. In addition, there are always those willing to buy cheap. If the price goes down, it will be offset by a big buy.

The reputation of BTC plays a big role. This asset is trusted, and the consumer audience is the decisive factor in retaining the value of Bitcoin.

Limited emission

EXANTE co-founder Anatoly Knyazev also categorically declares the impossibility of Bitcoin’s depreciation. At the same time, he names completely different reasons for his confidence. He focuses on the projected inflation curve, and its supply is severely limited to the 21 million available Bitcoin units. Its production slows down constantly due to its concept. The user audience is growing at the same time.

He describes Bitcoin as a new generation currency and notes that it is BTC that is the flagship of the niche. There is a clear rationale for this: Bitcoin holds more than 50% of the market and shows survivability for over 10 years. The number of users, projects and companies using Bitcoin is steadily growing.

“Money That Can’t Be Censored”

Here is another opinion from Dmitry Kryshtal, director of development at Monolithos DAO. Dmitry makes a clear distinction between the risks of a decline in the price of Bitcoin and oil. The negative oil price at some point was associated with technical problems in the industry, as storage tanks were overfilled. Bitcoin is free of these problems.

The specialist emphasizes the importance of the already established high reputation of cryptocurrencies. A stable infrastructure and the willingness of a large enough number of people and companies to carry out transactions with cryptocurrencies are two other important foundations for prosperity, in his opinion. Bitcoin cannot be censored or frozen, it is impossible to stop its circulation on the “command from above”. The owner of Bitcoin does not face the risk of losing money by analogy with bank deposits.

Are there any alternatives?

A worthy replacement for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general has not yet been invented. This opinion is shared by the founder of the platform of the stable cryptocurrencies STASIS Grigory Klumov. He says, a new, more convenient system in the future will be developed obviously. Blockchain is not perfect, and a new solution based on it will definitely appear sometime later.

Gregory notes the possible chance of zeroing the price, but decentralization makes this probability almost impossible in practice. The likelihood of a fall in Bitcoin is real only due to the transition of users to a more convenient virtual financial space.He states that a sharp drop in prices is possible only locally. Technical failures contribute to this. A similar thing happened in May on the BitMEX derivatives market. On it, the coin rate dropped to 0, judging by the graph. There is no data on at least one transaction in this format.

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