Celebrities who actively use cryptocurrencies today

Hollywood actor Terry Crews has released his digital coin. Legendary rapper Jay-Z donated 500 bitcoins to make the most popular cryptocurrency better. Who knows and uses cryptocurrencies among celebrities today? Let ‘em know!

Well-known personas also make their contribution to the crypto’s growth. Elon Musk is a great example. His remarks about Dogecoin pushed its value for 1,115% in 3 days. Tesla CEO and SpaceX founder posted “Bitcoin” word to his Twitter account this January for some time. The businessman also put the logo of the first cryptocurrency as an avatar for one day.

Musk’s example was recently followed by the son of Beatles musician John Lennon. Sean Ono Lennon supported the laser eyes flash mob launched by bitcoin fans last month. Some celebrities use cryptocurrencies, not only talk about it.

Terry Crews

Hollywood actor Terry Crews introduced his cryptocurrency called POWER this March. Roll platform is used as a basis for it. Crews said he involved the Discord community to distribute his coin. There are already 3.34 million tokens, and the target release amount is 10 million tokens.

Crews mentioned that the idea of his cryptocurrency grew up during his trip to Milan. There, the actor wanted to buy designer furniture, but he did not have enough money in his bank account. Then he asked the local bank for money and got a refusal. He is sure that the reason was his color of skin. He likes that cryptocurrency doesn’t care about the skin color or age of its owner.


Grimes, a Canadian singer and Elon Musk’s girlfriend, made $ 5.8 million in 20 minutes by releasing her collection of NFT tokens. Nifty Gateway helped her to present it. The tokens were related to four drawings that Grimes created in collaboration with her brother, digital artist Mac Boucher. The drawings tell the story of a goddess struggling with decadence in a fictional world.

A part of the money she got was donated to Carbon 180. It is a non-governmental organization related to the problem of reducing carbon emissions. Grimes continues to run her NFT token giveaways on Twitter.

NFT tokens are a special thing due to the uniqueness factor. A token of this kind is used to confirm ownership of any object. Only the owner can approve its replacement.


Rapper Sean Corey Carter (Jay-Z) owns coins, but also has strong plans to help the crypto industry grows. In February, the musician, along with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, donated 500 bitcoins to create a special fund aimed at improving the impact of Bitcoin in the everyday life.

The fund has a plan to turn the main digital coin into the currency of the entire Internet. In 2018, Jay-Z supported the financial startup Robinhood that helps people trading cryptos.

Paris Hilton

In early March 2021, world-known socialite Paris Hilton tweeted that she has a plan to release her first non-fungible token (NFT). So she responded to the Finnish entrepreneur and owner of the Mega file sharing service Kim Dotkom, who suggested that Hilton could earn more than $ 30 million with NFT tokens.

There was another issue of NFT tokens by Paris before. In August last year, the actress sold a token tied to her cat’s drawing. It was made at NFT Cryptograph. The lot got 40 Ethereum, or more than 17 thousand dollars to that moment. Hilton donated all the money to the Meals on Wheels and LA Food Bank charities. Another recipient was a company that makes backpacks for the homeless.

Lindsay Lohan

American actress Lindsay Lohan sold her own NFT token on the Rarible platform some time ago. Also, she made several statements about bitcoin. She regularly tells the public that Bitcoin is the future. And she also added: “Bitcoin to the moon!” on her Twitter when the price went up this year.

Lohan said she believes in a financially decentralized world. The actress planned to transfer the proceeds from the sale of the token to charities that accept cryptocurrency. According to her, the younger generation must “adapt to the revolution that people see today”.

Maisie Williams

Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones series had a strong interest in cryptocurrencies, and she asked Twitter followers what they thought about investing in bitcoin. It was late 2020. According to Coingecko, at that moment the flagship cryptocurrency grew by 52.6% from $ 19.6 thousand to $ 29 thousand.

The actress wondered if she should “go long.” Most commentators advised Williams to avoid it. She later replied that she ignored such recommendations. “Thanks for the advice. I bought it anyway, ”Williams wrote.

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