Global adoption of blockchain technology could bring the global economy up to $ 2 trillion

Global adoption of blockchain technology

According to the auditing company PwC, blockchain will provide a leap forward in the development of certain sectors of the economy. Which ones? Let’s talk about this further.

Blockchain is one of the main technologies of the 2010s, and it is needed by the global economy beyond the financial sector (cryptocurrencies) alone. Experts made a forecast that promises the world about $ 1.75 trillion by 2030. The only requirement is the widespread adoption of the technology right now. PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) also says about 40 million new jobs.

Asia will be the leader in this direction. Working in the decentralized technology industry, Japan, China and India together can generate the vast majority of this revenue. For example, if there is a national program in China, then this country alone will provide $ 0.45 trillion in the above period.

Who but Asia? PwC also gives high marks to developed economies. The US can get an addition of about $ 0.4 trillion to GDP, and the possible revenues of the UK, Germany and France are estimated in the range of $ 60-1000 billion.

Blockchain will be useful for different sectors of the economy to a greater or lesser extent. Education, health care and government have the largest number of points of integration of this technology. Logistics, financial services and information security are also highly promising categories. Already today, over 60% of the heads of the surveyed businesses are open to start digitalization, or have already begun this process.For example, on September 23, 2020, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Andrei Belousov pointed blockchain as one of the key directions of the country’s state policy for next years. Also, this list included artificial intelligence, quantum and genetic technologies, the development of new energy sources, the Internet of things, etc.

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