NTF token sale record: digital art sold for $ 69 million

Beeple is a nickname of artist who sold the digital collage made of more than 5,000 original drawings put together. He has been taking 1 photo every day since 2007. The work was titled Everydays: The First 5000 Days. The process of work did not stop, according to the author, and the project should last until the end of its life. This work was the result of the first phase, and Beeple today took advantage of the NTF concept for sale. Christie’s has become a platform for finding a buyer. Collage is now the most expensive NTF token of all time.

We are entering a new era of collecting, which is closely related to the digital world. Digital images and almost any element of the digital world is able to find their owners for high prices. The generally recognized masterpieces of Picasso or Modigliani cost about the same.

What is NFT? Non-fungible tokens are unique elements of the blockchain network that cannot be replaced with each other. This is their difference from cryptocurrencies. Until 2021, the NFT market developed gradually, but today the world is overwhelmed by a wave of interest. Today the turnover of this market is estimated at almost $ 500 million.

Among the well-known deals with the participation of NFT tokens, it is worth noting the sale of video from the LeBron James match (200 thousand dollars), the legendary GIF meme with the rainbow cat Nyan Cat (442 thousand dollars), one of the paintings of the street artist Banksy (95 thousand dollars), which was destroyed in order to make related NFT token totally unique.

Another noticeable deal is the sale of rights to one of the first tweets from Twitter, made by its SEO Jack Dorsey. The lot was sold at auction for $ 2.5 million.

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