The most interesting facts about the crypto exchanges from the BDCenter Digital market research

Bitcoin and other coins beat the records, so an interest in the cryptoworld today is very high. Even the smallest exchanges can get a lot of new people due to that hype. The only requirement is to use the best practices of the market leaders. New study from BDCenter Digital is about marketing strategies of the biggest exchanges.

BDCenter Digital goes crypto the second time. They made a huge research in 2018. New 2020 study is about changes in 2 years with the focus on their approach to marketing, their audience, financial performance and much more.

The study included 30 most popular exchanges taken from the Coinmarketcap, Coingecko and CryptoCompare ratings. A lot of results were unpredictable and highly interesting. Let’s see some of them here:

  • Huobi, Binance and OKEX are the 3 biggest crypto exchanges that holds 75% of world’s crypto trading, and Binance falls since 2018;
  • 70% of them support deposits and withdrawals with fiat currencies, and it was 43% in 2018;
  • 99% of Google traffic comes from text search, and this fact means that people doesn’t use news or videos to find it;
  • Only each third exchange have correct SEO optimization, and only each second of them correctly configured versions in different languages;
  • 50% of them send welcome letters to the users, and no one use trigger messages;
  • Insta is the most related social media to the cryptoexchanges, and Twitter is the lowest related.

Full version contains more facts like these. This article contains some part of the results, like info about sources of traffic for exchanges, and also their user audience and relation to media sources.

11,5% is the part of search engines for exchange traffic

Traffic is the fuel for exchanges, and they use a lot of sources to attract it by launching ads, posting articles, etc. It is important to know the most useful sources to get as much traffic as possible without wasting marketing budget on ineffective channels of interaction.

BDCenter Digital’s research showed that the main traffic source is direct (71%). It is more than the first study made two years ago by 5%. This is not surprising due to a huge number of regular users.

The number two of the popular channels is referral traffic, or clicks to the links at the third-party sites. IT is possible when exchange posts links in the online newspapers and other sources of news, and people click on it after reading. 13.9% is part of this channel. In 2018, it was 8.3%.

The first sight tells us that media articles work well. Not a fact. The real fact is 9 of 10 points of getting the referral traffic related to only two sources: and

What about traditional advertising? 2020 year result is 0.72% only, and it wsa 0.09% in 2018. Today this type of ads holds about 1,6 mln clicks a month for the best 30 exchanges.

Traffic leaders have more long-term users

The traffic champion among all is Binance (more than 35 million clicks per month). Coinbase holds the second position with 25+ million. The gap between them and the others is huge: 1100% more than the average for other exchanges.

However, the amount of clicks does not mean the result for 100%. The behavior of the user is also of great importance for marketing. We’re talking about answers on how much time the user stays, what percentage of users leave after opening a single page, etc.

Market leaders have a preference in traffic along with the rest too. In particular, their audience spend almost 3 minutes longer and view 25% more pages, and their bounce rate is not more than 3.5% lower if we compare with the others. So, there’s a conclusion, that the leading sites have more regular users who have a strong interest in the website’s content.

Best ten websites who writes a lot about exchanges contains a pair of Russian-language resources

PR activity of target resources is a big subject for finding interesting facts. What are the most convenient places for posting articles and news for this niche? What are the languages of the users, and what are the dominant genres? Thousands of texts were checked by analysts from August to November 2020.

Cointelegraph is the most popular both in 2018 and 2020. It contains 10.8% of articles about 30 biggest exchanges. Coindesk is placed right after it with two times less results. An interesting thing is the appearance of Russian-language Forklog (2,6%) in top-5. Bits.Media is another Russia’s representee in top-10.

Another fact to know: top-ten websites hold 33% of publications. 67% of text comes from huge amounts of small crypto media from different countries.

English, Russian and the others

The leader of publications for PR is English, of course. It’s part is 63.7% But it was unpredictable that Russian is another leader with quite a big 8% share. This is followed by Spanish, French and Turkish, and their parts are less two times larger than Russian. This fact means a lot to notice because more than 420 million people speak Spanish in the world, and 250 million speak Russian. The fact means that crypto is highly popular in the Russian-speaking world is comparatively higher than in other countries. 

Exchanges use current news for promotion a little

The most widespread genre of texts is a news article (87%), and 20% of news feeds is about different accidents, including hacker attacks, problems with the law, searches, loss of funds, etc. The other demanded genre is analytics ( 6.9%), and the third one is interviews (2.8%). 

Texts about PR-actions and charity are not presented at all. Only Binance charity events are covered like, for example, a campaign in support of Beirut people. The answer to the last fact is that the news sites are interested in everything related to Binance in principle.

It is also curious that in 2020 exchanges used not so much situational marketing, so they don’t use the context of current news in their promotion activities. And there were a lot of interesting events and causes for that. like pandemic and United States presidential elections. However, there are very few examples of “hot news” campaigns.

Auditory from Asia is highly addicted to lotteries

In addition to the activities of the exchanges themselves, the BDCenter team also studied portraits of the audience using data from Similarweb web analytics.

As you might expect, a huge number of traders have a strong interest in finance and investments. The most interesting fact of this category is the high interest in lotteries among the auditory of exchanges. Most of them are from almost all big countries in Asia. But South Korea is more related to e-commerce topics.

All of this means that marketing should be correct to get the huge profits during the hype times. More info you should find at BDCenter Digital’s website.

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