Top-5 promising new cryptocurrencies of 2021 according to the popular crypto trader

Lark Davis is one of the most popular crypto bloggers on Youtube with about 270 thousand subscribers. The other day, he shared insights about the most promising altcoins with the highest prospects for big growth.

We note that the material is the personal opinion of an expert, which may not coincide with our position. This material does not provide direct investment advice from us in relation to highly volatile assets like cryptocurrencies. The text should be considered as an informational article for informational purposes only.

The opinion of Lark Davis from New Zealand is aimed at those who are looking for ideas for profitable investments in cryptocurrencies in the medium and long term.


As of April 8, 1 Polygon token is worth 34 US cents. This is not much, but the value managed to grow in 1 year by 2608%. This is a metric to be reckoned with. It is important that most market players do not yet pay attention to this cryptocurrency, and this is a great chance of profitable entry for everyone. The great potential is related to its large ecosystem. It is more ambitious compared to many popular cryptocurrencies of the present time. All indications point to stable growth in the near future.

Matic Network is the early name for Polygon. The project is an Ethereum subsidiary. The main goal of the project is to make the implementation of smart contacts and the functioning of decentralized applications faster. The system’s proven performance is 7000 transactions per second. Transaction confirmation is carried out by validators for a reward with less energy consumption. This is an important difference from Ethereum. The result is no additional load on the main Ethereum network. At the same time, inner Ethereum applications function directly in Polygon.

Injective protocol

A project that is still in development. However, users can perform transactions without commission due to Layer Two technology right now. Lark Davis estimates that Injective will have a capitalization of $ 1 billion shortly after launch. Today, the price of 1 token is about $ 14, and the current capitalization indicator is approaching $ 200 million.

Injective Protocol is developed to trade derivatives between networks using a variety of financial products such as spot trading, futures and swaps. It is a universal DeFi protocol.


Marlin deserves a place in the list of the most promising, equally with the previous altcoins. The token protocol provides a powerful programmable networking infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0. As a result, decentralized systems can run on high-performance relay networks. Security and no risks for decentralization concept are guaranteed at the same time. Technology determines the prospects for Marlin in the context of rising prices, according to Lark Davis. Today, the price of 1 token is about $ 0.25 with $ 183 million in total capitalization.


A powerful yet underrated product. Lark Davis drew attention to this cryptocurrency at the time of its appearance and notes high chances of capitalization growth to $ 1 billion. Today, 1 token costs about $ 7.70 dollars, and the total capitalization is slightly less than $ 450 million.

Kava DeFi is a decentralized digital asset bank. System users have the opportunity to use a number of decentralized financial services. For example, the USDX stablecoin is pegged to the US dollar. Also, synthetic and derivative financial instruments are available here.

Ocean protocol

Ocean Protocol is taking its first steps, but the prospects are promising. Lark Davis’s main argument for future success is the presence of Binance as an investor. Today, 1 token costs a little more than $ 1.5, and the capitalization is $ 670 million.

Ocean Protocol is positioned as a liaison for business, technical structures, and management. Its task is the secure transmission of data and services. Features include the ability to store metadata, data links, a licensing structure, and pricing toolkits.

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