Which cryptocurrencies are getting more expensive during the European Football Championship 2020?

Euro 2020 just started a few days ago, and some cryptocurrencies from the world of football are already getting more expensive. Some received a price increase of up to + 30% in 1 day. Let’s talk in more detail.

The European Football Championship 2020 was supposed to start in June last year. The pandemic made this event impossible, and the main European football holiday will delight us until July 11, 2021. The most interesting thing for the world of cryptocurrencies is that the number of football tokens has risen in price before the start of the football forum. Investors should pay attention.


Chiliz added almost 50% value in 1 day at the start of the world championship. To be precise, the increase was 43%. Now 1 token costs 34 cents. Chiliz’s total capitalization is just under $ 1.9 billion. The trading volume during the day is now over $ 1 billion. In the first half of 2021, the value of the Chiliz token increased by more than 1500%. The maximum was in April when the cost of 1 coin was 75 cents.

What is Chiliz and what does this token have to do with sports? This is a unique niche product, known as a platform for issuing sports-related tokens. Among the partners are the largest football clubs in the world, including Manchester City and Barcelona. Chiliz also collaborates with the UFC.

AS Roma Fan Token (ASR)

The official digital currency of one of the two main clubs of the Eternal City has added more than 50% in value since the start of Euro 2020. Again, to be more precise, this is an increase of + 53% to $ 8.2 per 1 token. The capitalization of the token is about $ 10 million, and the trading volume in 1 day reaches $ 65 million. By 2021, ASR has become more expensive by 20%, and is there a limit to this? The maximum price of 1 Roma token was $ 22.9. The token is based on Chiliz and can be bought on Binance and BKEX.

Atletico Madrid Fan Token (ATM)

This is another club token that is based on Chiliz and is traded on Binance and BKEX. Its cost has risen to almost $ 14 in 1 day of the start of the European Championship. This is an increase of almost a third of the value before the start of trading in the reporting period. The total asset value reaches $ 26 million. A daily turnover of almost $ 90 million can be noticed. The rise in price during 2021 is 30%. The maximum price tag of the currency was over $ 50 at the beginning of May.

AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)

One more greeting on behalf of Italian football. At the beginning of the European Championship 2020, the value of the Milan token has risen by more than a third. More precisely, it is + 36% in 1 day. 1 token can be bought for $ 8.3. The total capitalization of the currency is almost $ 17 million with a trade turnover of over $ 50 million within 1 day. It is a young token that has existed since February 2021. It started at $ 6.5 per coin and hit a record high of nearly $ 17.5 at the end of February. Chiliz is also the creator of the coin, and Binance gives you the option to buy it.

FC Barcelona Fan Token (BAR)

The fan token of one of the most popular football clubs in the world is also trying to keep up with its peers in the price increase during the hot early days of summer 2021. The Barcelona coin added + 20%. The value of the currency reaches almost $ 20 per coin. The total capitalization is about $ 57 million, and daily trading has a turnover of up to $ 30 million. The price increase for 2021 is + 30%, and the highest point was $ 65.4 per 1 token. Chiliz is a developer, Binance is an exclusive seller.

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