Bitcoin is a scam according to Donald Trump

The ex-president and businessman spoke angrily about cryptocurrency the other day. He stated that his dislike for Bitcoin stems from its role as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. He believes that Bitcoin is a dangerous competitor to the US dollar. Donald Trump believes the US currency will become world currency sometime in the future, and BTC has the power to undermine these plans.

Donald Trump’s statement came during a recent interview on Fox Business. He impartially spoke about the flagship of the crypto world and called on the current US government to prepare several prohibitive measures against it. Trump backed up his personal position with the opinion that bitcoin should not be a competitor to the US dollar, the so-called “currency of the world”, as he thinks.

Recently it became known that the ex-president of the United States made attempts to attack bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies back in 2018 when he remained in office. Then he requested to the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. This became known only in 2020.

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